Cosmos paste plant

paste plant

In 2022, Stripes Engineering Services was contracted by IGO to complete the construction of a paste backfill plant located at the site of the Cosmos Nickel Project (CNO), located approximately 1,000km northeast of Perth.

Our team was responsible for the installation of structural steel, mechanical, piping, and electrical systems. Our project management team ensured that the project was completed within budget and on time, while adhering to the highest quality and safety standards. Our expertise in construction services allowed us to deliver a highly efficient and functional paste plant for the Cosmos Project. We’re proud to have been part of this project and to have contributed to the success of our Client.


“I want to thank Stripes for an outstanding job with the construction of our paste plant. The level of workmanship and professionalism from the entire team during construction of the plant has given Stripes the reputation of a first-class contractor”.


– Beau Nathan, IGO Supervisor

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