heavy vehicle workshop

heavy vehicle workshop

Construction Stage 1 of the Heavy Vehicle Workshop involved civil and concrete works, fabrication and erection of structural steel, cladding, roofing, handrails and stairs, as well as the installation of an overhead crane system.

The HV Workshop project, which comprised a total of 1615m³ of concrete and 256T of structural steel, was a major construction project for the Maules Creek Coal Mine site. Stripes were responsible for the Project Management and administration; structural steel fabrication and surface protection; and the onsite installation works for both civil and structural components of the project.

Stage 2 Construction required the extension of the concrete area and structural steelwork for the
Heavy Vehicle Workshop. The extension involved completion of additional civil and concrete works,
fabrication and erection of structural steel, cladding and roofing, as well as an extension of the
overhead crane system.

The Stage 2 works comprised a total of 628m³ of concrete and 160T of structural steel, was another major construction project for the Maules Creek Coal Mine site. 

Stripes worked closely with the Client on scheduling to ensure the tight construction timeframes for both stages of this project would be met and were successful in delivering a safe and high-quality project.

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