Quality Assurance


During manufacture and fabrication for our projects, we have systems in place to manage our Quality Assurance from the start to the completion of each project.

Comprehensive reports are collated and submitted to our clients at the completion of the project, documenting each step of the process and providing assurance to our clients that their completed product is of the highest quality standard.

We welcome our client’s input into the format and makeup of the report and the reporting process. Our Quality Assurance reports can be customised to suit each client’s individual needs.

We have created a template Quality Assurance Report, to form part of the Manufacturer’s Data Report, for each component of fabrication which will include the following test reports and documents.

Inspection and Test Plans

Fabrication ITPs detailing our workshop processes and tests will be included. In consultation with our clients, the format of the ITP is set to document the processes and specific hold points so that each step of process is carried out in accordance with the client’s needs.

Tradesman Qualifications (Macro Tests)

We will be supplying a third party certificate showing our tradesmen are qualified to complete the fabrication to AS/NZS 1554.1.SP.

WPQRs and WPSs

Our Welding Procedure Qualification Records will be prepared by a qualified third party. These procedures will then be followed by Welding Procedure Specifications.

NDT Testing

Non-Destructive Testing will be performed and reported by a third party and we will pass on their compliance reports. All reports will specify the corresponding WPS numbers.

Steel Test Certificates

Steel Test Certificates for each order will be supplied showing that the material is Australian Made and conforms to Australian Standards.

Blast & Paint

We report our compliance to product specifications. Paint specifications will be listed as well as paint test results, including photos of each step of the blast and paint process.


During any onsite SMP works, our quality is maintained by using a number of controls.

A detailed Construction Review is compiled which details every aspect of construction so that areas of concern regarding methods, safety or equipment needed is highlighted. An ITP is then followed during the works.

A Risk Assessment is also carried out in consultation with our clients, our emphasis being on quality and safety.

Our Safety and Health Management Plan is followed which includes completing Take 5’s and JSEA’s prior to any task commencing.

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